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Enabling Multi-user support for Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F


The latest OTA update enables the multi-user support again. Looks like the hacking days are over for this tablet...


Following this guide will probably void your warranty, and I'm not responsible if you manage to brick your device. A few stars have to align for this to work... so do it at your own risk!

My wife recently got us a Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F Android tablet, it originally came with Android 4.4 (KitKat), and as usual, without even reading around the forums, I went ahead and installed the OTA update to Android 5 (LoliPop). After rebooting the tablet, the multi-user support was gone... (Thanks Lenovo for removing a core Android feature..).

As you can guess, my wife was nagging me to bring back the multi-user support to our tablet, so I started googling. Soon came the realization that there are effectively no custom firmwares, the tutorials were for more determined users... You had to downgrade to KitKat and edit system files to bring back the multi-user support.

Here came the complication, I like to keep things fresh so no way I was going back to KitKat, also the WiFi had some issues, so No Thank You...

Now for the fun part:

  1. You have to root your device, I used [Kingo Root]( \"Kingo Root homepage\") for that. I have to admit, there were some trust issues first, but there are some positive feedbacks, and the process was painless
  2. You'll have to flash some stuff, I've used [Rashr]( \"Google Play Store link to Rashr\") for that
  3. This wasn't easy as I had to take a leap of faith here, had to get TWRP working for this tablet... but thankfully I've found a working [Rashr]( \"Google Play Store link to Rashr\") flashable TWRP recovery for this tablet at Needrom, and it wasn't even in russian!
  4. After getting TWRP, I was able to flash the [XposedFramework]( \"XposedFramework on XDA Developers\"), here is a link for the proper download list:, flash the latest with TWRP. Flashing anything will cause the optimizing apps dialogue to appear and take a bit of time, but at this point, you're probably in the safe zone...
  5. Now you have to install the XposedInstaller attached to the first post of this XDA Thread:
  6. After a restart you're almost complete, open the downloads section in the XposedInstaller app and look for 'Multiple users return' by Anton111111, download and install it with the XposedInstaller
  7. The last step! Reboot to recovery ([Rashr]( \"Google Play Store link to Rashr\") can help if you don't know how to), go to wipe, then advanced wipe, select Dalvik/ART, wipe, then reboot.
  8. After the app optimization runs again, you should be able to add more users via the notification dropdown's user icon.


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